Mark Muller

Mark Muller provides consultancy, strategic planning, design and contract management services for wayfinding, place branding, and information provision initiatives that help to activate and improve user interaction and experience throughout the public and private realm and built environment.
Through detailed planning and informed client and customer insights, Mark helps to create unique places for people through the generation of wayfinding strategies that deliver memorable user experiences and maximise opportunities for the delivery of inclusive and intuitive navigation solutions.
For both client direct and on behalf of leading global consultancies, Mark provides services for the Airport, Architecture, Aviation, Cultural, Health Care, Local and Federal Government, Infrastructure, Property, Stadia, Transport, Tourism and Zoological sectors.
Mark associates closely with a global network of leading wayfinding strategy and design practitioners and manufacturers, services for which can be partnered on a bespoke, project-by project basis, enabling the delivery of highly efficient and flexible tailored services informed by specific project needs.