Mark Muller

Mark Muller is a Wayfinding Consultant with more than 20 years experience across multiple business sectors spanning Australia, the Far East, the Gulf Region and the United Kingdom.
Based in London, his project contribution delivers an integral link between brand vision and user navigation challenges through informed movement strategies and tailored wayfinding deliverables.
Mark champions a collaborative and transparent relationship with clients, employers, stakeholders, contractors and partners and he has a proven track record of delivering value-added collaboration, close working and highly efficient project management services.
Consulting for global infrastructure and government initiatives has given Mark an informed understanding of the challenges unique to large scale projects and a clear methodology for management protocol, conflict resolution and delivery of change-enabling best practice.
Underpinning Mark’s design philosophy is the proven belief that strategic and effective design can inspire behavioral change and an enhanced user experience delivering value for money and helping to improve social mobility, the economy and the environment.
Mark holds a Degree in Graphic Design from Swinburne University Melbourne and is an honorary member of the RSA UK and member of The Sign Design Society and Society for Experiential Graphic Designers.